Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kindred Spirits.

A person (came into my life through an unrelated-to-this-post series of events recently...a person who I've gotten to spend only a few hours total with, but a person with which I instantly felt a connection.

I mean we all have those moments when we meet someone new and think "oh, I could be friends with this person" (or sometimes think the opposite of that), but this was different -- it was like deja vu without being deja something from a past life, a future life, something. It's like with no communication I knew them already...I knew how they'd respond to a question, where they'd want to go in life, what they'd want to do...their goals -- all kinds of's like we had known each other for years.

I don't know how this person feels, but I do hope that it is something like the same way, because I haven't felt this sense of closeness with someone I barely know ever before, and I'm very much looking forward to exploring this kinship, given the chance (which recent conversation with this person would lead me to believe may happen [earth, god, buddha, fate, chance, the stars, and the space pope willing] in the coming months).

We'll see where this all goes...

hopefully it's somewhere beautiful <3.

With Peace, Love, and Bare feet,


p.s. if you're reading this, somehow, you know it's about you...let's do it. let's take this trip and see what happens. if nothing else, it'll certainly be an adventure.

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