Thursday, August 17, 2017

Unpopular Opinions

This page will be a(n) - ever growing - list of opinions I hold which are unpopular, or in general not accepted by society. I use the word opinions to assuage would-be arguers, but please note this isn't a list of things I've dreamed up on a 3 day acid binge (for that list click here), there will be sources, evidence of varying strengths, and personal anecdotes all mixed together but take everything here (and everywhere in your life) with a healthy dose of skepticism. If something interests (or worries) you here, spend the time, starting with my resources but also finding your own, to independently verify the information out there and make an informed decision.

Statement of Intent

I hold the following views about the universe and the nature of reality and would like to document them for a variety of purposes - primarily for archival, and to be used as an easily skimmable compass of my personal leanings for easy determination of whether my writings / opinions are going to be worth anything to you. The following list is in no particular order, but will be separated into (loose) sections, and ever updated and revised. Any item that was initially listed and removed will be maintained for continuity, and struck-thru with an explanation, any item added after my initial 1 month drafting period will be denoted with a hyperlinked * with the date added linked. This list is not intended to be a credo or complete summary of my ideas or thoughts on any matter, but simply a grouping of some of my unpopular opinions, not so unpopular as to be unable to be uttered on such a public forum, and not so common so as to be well known and/or accepted by everyone, but the ones in-between. Those you've heard the rumors of from a few "crazies", the things you read on far-either-way leaning news sites, the conspiracies that turned out to be true.

Finally, it's important to note this list is not an affront on anyone or any group(s) in particular, it is simply the articulation of one part of my brain - please don't attack, judge, or hate me for speaking my mind to paper (silicone). I am always open to constructive conversation or debate on any topic, including these, but you'll note this to be the only comment section on this blog to be disabled...take that as you will, but know my contact page is always open.


Opinions which fundamentally guide my worldview or philosophy

Existential nihilism would be the philosophical school of thought closest to my personal beliefs, guided by the works of Camus, de Beauvoir, Sartre, and others. Specific points it is important to articulate are that there is no inherent meaning to life ("existence précède l'essence"), it may be possible to create our own personal meaning or "purpose" in life but any claim as to the objectivity or  wider applicability of this meaning is false - worded differently, meaning is necessarily subjective.  Recognition that life is absurd is important, freeing, and a helpful mental evolution, expanding our minds to other patterns of thought, states of being, and places of wander. Existentialism of almost any form neutralizes the primary objective of - and attraction for - religion, but my disdain for organized religion begins for other reasons, like the fact that organized religion has caused the most human death, despair, negative feelings, and amount of time wasted of any phenomena to date; Christianity specifically, but all faith-based (all of them) organized religion is inherently illogical, irrational, and likely immoral[1] , and any belief in light of that comes either from a willful suspension of disbelief ("bad faith" in philosophy) or a lack of adequate knowledge (which fails to be an excuse for the modern [read: internet-connected] person) or thought towards the topic. I view all religion as a negative thing, a distraction for the weakest-minded of the population, at best conceived of the sadly misguided minds of disillusioned men past, and at worst (and much more likely) designed carefully with intentions to benefit certain groups and individuals throughout history by the most evil of evil men. Either way, it is something that has no place in a "modern" (or postmodern) society. Ideas stemming from and influenced by religion, especially Christianity, such as conservativeism, traditionalism, Feudalism > Mercantilism > Capitalism > American Capitalistic Consumerism, etc. are all therefore equally invalidated and - as a sweeping generalization - useless. I could write a whole post on the evils of modern capitalism (and maybe I will [link]) but suffice for now to say that capitalism is inherently evil, exploiting resources (natural, labor, etc.) for the benefit of the few and must be focused on and stopped in all it's ugly incarnations. While all socioeconomic theories have their pros and cons, I believe any structured governmental policy not based in socialism has failed before it begins, and that the specifics of said policy are far less important than the general shift in the importance of the regular "everyman" to trump that of the structurally created elite. This revelation does not require a complete dissociation with society, but rather invites opportunities to "counter-exploit" it with the goal of equalization, revenge to those who exploited you or yours, personal gain-- whatever one desires.

Given the above revelations, I have chosen to adopt

A few philosophical policies I try to stick to and live by:

I try to make every interaction I have with another person leave a positive impact regardless of how important or influential that may be, and try to govern myself by what action will have the most net positive impact on the people involved. (Ed. note: utilitarian)
I follow the whim of "good" feelings - those experiences that flood our brain with dopamine and leave us wanting more, but recognize that too much of anything is Too Much, addiction is as real a phenomena as the pleasure derived from the action, and a healthy respect of life's pleasures will be a benefit to my longevity. (Ed. note: hedonist)
I am atheist by necessity, both rejecting religion and choosing to (as best I can) operate in a post-theism reality, where the questions of theism vs. atheism and religion vs. irreligion are superseded by more important lines of thought and energy.

{This post is under construction}


bzzzt bzzt bzzzzt
i crack my eye, gauging the time by the temperature

bzzzt bzzt bzzzzt
i roll my arm to the side, un-kink my elbow from under the pillow

bzzzt bzzt bzzzzt
i've found the damn thing, squeezing at the sides searching for a button to press
searching for something

bzzzt bzzt bzz--
finally. silenced.
i crack the other eye, and focus my vision on the all too bright black mirror as the screen illuminates, a scoreboard to my social success, a window to my thoughts, a tether to my world and the notification tells me i have full stamina in a game i'd forgotten i downloaded some lonely night forgotten - certainly spent staring into the same void

a sigh as i close my eyes and try to fade back to black, to focus my thoughts on sleep, rest, relaxati--

bzzzt bzzt bzzzzt
the worst part?

bzzzt bzzt bzzzzt
the worst part is that i do it again.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kindred Spirits.

A person (came into my life through an unrelated-to-this-post series of events recently...a person who I've gotten to spend only a few hours total with, but a person with which I instantly felt a connection.

I mean we all have those moments when we meet someone new and think "oh, I could be friends with this person" (or sometimes think the opposite of that), but this was different -- it was like deja vu without being deja something from a past life, a future life, something. It's like with no communication I knew them already...I knew how they'd respond to a question, where they'd want to go in life, what they'd want to do...their goals -- all kinds of's like we had known each other for years.

I don't know how this person feels, but I do hope that it is something like the same way, because I haven't felt this sense of closeness with someone I barely know ever before, and I'm very much looking forward to exploring this kinship, given the chance (which recent conversation with this person would lead me to believe may happen [earth, god, buddha, fate, chance, the stars, and the space pope willing] in the coming months).

We'll see where this all goes...

hopefully it's somewhere beautiful <3.

With Peace, Love, and Bare feet,


p.s. if you're reading this, somehow, you know it's about you...let's do it. let's take this trip and see what happens. if nothing else, it'll certainly be an adventure.

Let's try this again.

People tell me I should blog, so I'm going to...maybe.


I made this short and sweet, because I was already halfway through writing my first post (the next post on henre) in my head when I decided to make this blog.

To be entirely honest, I have no idea whether I'll post to this or not, but - if nothing else - it's nice to have the option to, even if it never gets used.

I don't know why anyone would want to read the things I'm going to post here, but if you do, be forewarned they may offend, humor, or otherwise cause feelings to happen. Don't hold me responsible. Everything on this blog is an artistic work of fiction and falsehood, most likely the deranged ranting of a drug-crazed lunatic, and only an idiot would take anything they read on the internet as fact. All names have been changed to protect the innocent. By reading this disclaimer, you have already voided your warranty. Contains no nuts. No shoes permitted past this point. Dry clean only. Kosher, Vegan, and biodegradable. Only 1 animal was harmed in the making of this blog (and it was myself). Don't sue me.